Changes in Check Point’s certification program

Effective April 1, 2023 following changes will take place in Check Point’s certification program CCSA extensions will no longer be available The CCSA certification is provided for two years and until now it could be extended by doing an ISA exam, however post the change, one will need to recertify with the current CCSA exam to continue the benefits. Recommendation – Before the CCSA expires, move forward to CCSE which is still extentable CCSE upgrade from R77 or prior not allowed To upgrade CCSE from a version prior to R80, one needs to start over from CCSA. However, CCSE R80 can be upgraded by passing the current CCSE exam Prerequisites for CCTA and CCTE applied The CCTA is based on the CCSA content and hence requires candidates to have a CCSA R80.x or above certification prior to attempting CCTA. Similarly the CCTE is based on CCSE and hence requires a CCSE R80.x or above certification prior to an exam attempt. Note – Expired CCSA/CCSE certifications are acceptable for the CCTA/CCTE exams respectively. CCSM Elite multiple extensions Passing each ISA exam after acquiring the CCSM Elite certification will extend the certification by one year.

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