Cyber Security Learning Credits (CLC)

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Are your CLCs expiring soon?

Looking for a Flexible / On-Site

OR Customized course?

Cyber Security Learning Credits (CLCs) have an expiry date and they must be used before they expire. Customers sometime face challenges in using up their CLCs, the most common being:

  • Unable to find an appropriate course schedule
  • Unavailability of staff
  • Project deadlines

K-Secure offers you flexibility in using your CLCs and saving them for the future.

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Register for a course

Choose from one of the Check Point course schedules available at your suitable date and time. This is the simplest way to make use of your CLCs

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Book now and
join later

If your CLCs are expiring and you dont have time to attend a course, you dont have to worry now, just contact us and we will help you hold you CLCs for future use

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Can’t find a course schedule

If the course you need isn’t scheduled in your required time frame, contact us to have it scheduled

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Exclusive or Customized

If you have a group that does not want to join other a public batch, we can do an exclusive batch for your group.

Also a level of customization can be done when needed

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On-Site Training

Not comfortable with online trainings? Contact us to do the course in your premises that too at no additional cost.


Not Enough CLCs

When you are short of just a few CLCs and one of your group members is unable to attend, check with us for a possibility of filling the gap