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Web Application Security Training Synopsis

With an increased focus on connectivity, business processes are increasingly employing  applications using web services. Unfortunately, most of these applications have little or no security built in, either at the design or programming stage. As a result, many organizations today are exposing data and critical business services to untested or insecure applications.

Our Training Calendar lists scheduled Web Application Security ( AppSec ) Training Programs in Mumbai & other parts of India.

K-Secure's Web Application Security ( AppSec ) Training Program is designed to make participants aware of common web appliation vulnerabilities and the impact they can have on businesses. The course also incorporates effective defenece mechanisms and the use of Best Practices to mitigate the risk of Web Applications Attacks.

Location : Our Web Application Security (AppSec) Training is conducted at our state-of-the-art lab in Mumbai - India. We can also - on request - conduct this course on-site at customer locations throughout the country such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune etc.

Duration : 3 days

Who should attend : Anyone responsible for securing corporate IT infrastructure, penetration testers, security analysts, developers and those interested in understanding  web application issues will benefit from our WebAppSec course

Prerequisites : Familiarity with web technologies and information security

Course Benefits
Information Security Training & Services
Information Security Training & Services
Web Application Security Training
Identify and understand areas of risk in Web Applications
Access existing web applications
Reduce vulnerabilities and extra development cycles for security fixes
Gain valauable insights to Application Layer Security - a must for IT Security professionals
Mitigate the risk of loss of revenue and reputation of your organization
Introduction to Web Technologies
Authentication and Application Access Control
Broken Account & Session Management
Web Certificates & Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Input Validation
Unicode Exploits
SQL Injection, Attack Samples & Database structure
Detecting SQL Injection
Blind SQL Injection
SQL Injection Mitigation & Vulnerability Testing
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Buffer Overflows and how to secure against them
Command Injection Flaws
Denial of Service
Implications of Web & Application Server Misconfiguration
Web Services Attack Patterns
Web Application Security Assessment
Web Application Firewalls & IPS
Web Server Modules
Hands-on Training includes:
HackMe Bank
IIS lockdown
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K-Secure's Web Application Security ( WebAppSec ) Training Program equips you with the  skills on how to assess applications from a hackerís point of view, understand web application security vulnerabilities and learn how to close these security holes so they are never exploited by a hacker.
Organizations that have availed of K-Secure's IT Security Courses and services include leading corporates from Mumbai and the rest of India and include GE Capital, Patni Computers, HSBC, TCS, Great Eastern Shipping,  Indiabulls, Tata AIG...
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Some of the most important guidleines for writing secure code are :
Validate input
Architect & design keeping security in mind
Keep it simple
Deny by Default
Adhere to the principle of least privelage
Sanitize data sent to other systems
Learn & practice Defense in Depth
Use effective quality assurance techniques
Adopt a secure coding standard
Heed compiler warnings
Learn all this - and more - in our Secure Coding Course that takes you on a fascinating journey on the methodolgies, practices and strategies employed in writing secure code.