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Organizations that have availed of K-Secure's IT Security Training programs and services include leading corporates from  India and include GE Capital, Patni Computers, HSBC, TCS, Great Eastern Shipping,  Indiabulls, Tata AIG...
Information Security Training & Services
Information Security Training & Services
Malware Analysis Training
Malware Analysis Training Course Synopsis

Designed to equip forensic analysis and incident response teams with the skills needed to respond to the ever-growing threat of viruses, trojans, worms and rootkits, participants of this course will  learn how to identify malware and analyze it in a lab environment using static and dynamic methods. An overview will be provided on the disassembling and reverse-engineering aspect.

Our Training Calendar lists scheduled  Malware Analysis  Training Programs in Mumbai & other parts of India.

Duration : 2 days

Location : Our Malware Analysis Training course is conducted at our state-of-the-art Training Lab in Mumbai - India. We can also - on request - conduct this course on-site at customer locations throughout the country such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune etc.

Who should attend : Incident Response and Forensic Analysts, security professionals responsible for protecting organizations from malware attacks or any other network / system administrators keen on knowing details of malware.

Topics covered :
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Introduction to Malware: About malware, types of malware, what malware can do.
Viruses & Worms: History of viruses, Types of viruses - boot / file / multipartite / stealth / macro / other , Types of worms - file sharing / smtp / multi-exploit / multi-platform, Differences between viruses and worms
Backdoors, Trojans & Rootkits: Types of backdoors - CLI access / GUI access / Command execution, Demonstration using NetCat, ICMP backdoors, Types of rootkits - user mode / kernel mode, Rootkits on Windows & Linux
Bots & botnets: Introduction to bots & botnets, Uses of botnets - Ddos / spamming / advertising / spying, Types of Botnets - Agobot / Sdbot / mIRC bots etc.
Mobile Malware: Client-side scripts, ActiveX, Java applets
Buffer overflows and shellcodes
Identifying & Defending against Malware: Scanning - signatures and heuristics, Online Anti-virus, Personal Firewalls, Patching & secure configuration, User education
Malware Analysis: Buidling a lab for malware analysis, Static Analysis using strings / script analysis / disassembly , Run-time Analysis using means such as file access monitoring / process monitoring / registery and disk change monitoring / network monitoring / port monitoring / debugging, Analyzing network traffic to identify malicious communication, Understanding covert channels, Tracking botnets
For further details about our Malware Analysis  Programs in Mumbai and other parts of India, please contact us