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Advanced Intrusion Analysis Training
Organizations that have availed of K-Secure's IT Security Training programs and services include leading corporates from Mumbai and the rest of India and include GE Capital, Patni Computers, HSBC, TCS, Great Eastern Shipping,  Indiabulls, Tata AIG...
Information Security Training & Services
Information Security Training & Services
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Synopsis of the Advanced Intrusion Analysis Training Course

Let's face it - "plug and play" is a myth, especially when it comes to Information Security. If you thought merely deploying an intrusion detection or prevention systems (IDS/IPS) would take care of your organization's security issues... think again! These tools need to be tuned properly to produce relavent data. The data from these tools then need to analyzed in order to produce meningful information  so as to reach conclusions that can enable IT Security Professionals better the defenses of their organizations. In this, the analysis of IDS/IPS logs and network traffic logs is an art in itself.

This course provides in-depth knowledge about intrusion detection and traffic analysis. It covers the working of TCP/IP (advanced), traffic analysis using TCPdump and Ethereal, intrusion detection using Snort, IDS architecture, signatures and analysis and much more.

Our Training Calendar lists scheduled  Advanced Intrusion Analysis  Training Courses in Mumbai & other parts of India.

Location : Our  Advanced Intrusion Analysis course  is conducted at our state-of-the-art Training Lab in Mumbai - India. We can also - on request - conduct this training on-site at customer locations throughout India in locations including  Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune etc.

Duration : 5 days

Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of networking devices and TCP/IP is required. Basic working knowledge of Windows / Linux operating systems. Understanding of network security threats and familiarity with IDS is a plus

Topics Covered :
For further details about our Advanced Intrusion Analysis programs in Mumbai and other parts of India, please contact us
TCP/IP Communication Model
Introduction to TCPdump
Microsoft Networking & Security
Domain Name System
Writing TCPdump filters
Examining datagram fields with TCPdump
Web Application Vulnerabilities
TCPdump output analysis
TCPdump advanced output analysis
Introduction to Snort
Snort - Modes of operation
Writing Snort Rules
Configuring Snort as an IDS
Snort output analysis
Advanced Snort topics
Intrusion Detection Architecture
Attacks - an in-depth study
Introduction to the analysis process
Common errors and how to avoid them
Traffic analysis
While this course gives an in-depth look at making sense of  the outputs of  IDSs & IPSs from a generic viewpoint, K-Secure also provides training in vendor-specific best-of-breed security solutions. In this context, you may wish to check out our Snort IDS Training Program
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